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 Tony's RV-10 Build   Jul-19-2024   

  Sect 41 - Instrument Panel

  Sect 25-26 - Fuselage
  Sect 9 - Elevators
  Sect 8 - Horizontal Stabilizer
  Sect 7 - Rudder Assembly
  Sect 6 - Vert. Stabilizer
  Building Work Tables


Tony's Build of the Van's Aircraft RV-10

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....May 28, 2023

I ordered the QB wings almost two years ago.. July of 2021... With all the delivery, parts and production issues Van's has been having... would have never guessed a two year lead time. Thankful they are finally here.


Shop / Workspace
....Nov 14, 2022

Quick shot of the new workspace. Very close to getting back to pounding some rivets... maybe this week.


Shop / Workspace
....Aug 24, 2022

Building a couple of benches. Getting reacy to move the RV stuff into the new work room.


Shop / Workspace
....July 30, 2022

Long time coming ! We are finally in the new building. I moved my office to this new location and added an 'airplane' shop to the rear. This airplane shop is approximately 54 ft wide by 34 deep with 22 ft ceilings... big space. It has two 12 ft x 12 ft motorized and insulated roll up doors. The space is sheet rocked, insullated and air conditioned.... a dream space for building an RV. In this picture, the boat is currently occupying the space the RV will be in a couple of weeks. Three 'bays'. Far left is a fitness center, center bay is for whatever odd project is going on, far right is for the RV. More pics and video will follow when I get things moved into the space.


Shop / Workspace
....May 12, 2022

Things are moving quickly and nearing the end... Lord I hope. The building shell is done, all the interior wall framing is completed, drywall has been installed, primed and given one coat of primer and finish paint. The interior doors are hung and the door trim applied. The ceiling accoustaical grid is placed,... getting close. It is very true. You finish 90% of a project and you are blessed to only have 90% left to go. I should be able to take some good picture of the "airplane Shop" very soon... this will be a very fun space. Room to finish the RV, an extra work bay for other misc projects. A really nice fitness center space... Two big screen TV's... hope to have the devinition of a fun man cave... more to come.


Shop / Workspace
....Feb 20, 2022

Good image of the front. Forgive the shop sidebar, but I cannot get back into my build until the shop space is completed. Hope to have eveything wraped up by mid April. Mechanical and plumbing are mostly done, working on electrical. As we get into sheetrock, I'll start posting pics of the shop space itself. Really looking forward to this.


Shop / Workspace
....Feb 2, 2022

Things are finally moving. Electical, plumbing and mechanical are being installed. The front facade metal going on. Long time coming but it finally looks like something.


Paint Scheme Options
....Dec 18, 2021

Final updated paint scheme... I hope... Larger tail numbers and I like it...


Shop / Workspace
....Dec 8, 2021

I started this new building - office and workshop - more than 2 years ago. Material delivery issues and other economy factors has been a huge delay. But, thankfully, things finally appear to be moving forward. The primary structure is framed. The front facade and interior wall/floor framing are starting this week. So, hopefully in another couple weeks we will have a good image of what the new "airplane" shop will actually look like. Fingers crossed.


Paint Scheme Options
....Nov 9, 2021

More options on the paint scheme. Love the original design, but it had small lettering for the tail number. After some thought, I decided I really need the larger 12 inch letters... want to participate in the Caribean Air Rally, amoung other things and the taller letters are a requirement. So.. not like Jonathan can ever get finished until he puts paint on the body !! :)


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Status / Completed

08/01/21 - QB Wings Ordered
05/15/21 - New QB Fuse Delivered
04/25/21 - QB Fuse Returned
04/09/21 - Instrument Panel Delivered
12/2/20 - QB Fuse Delivered
11/29/20 - Hor. Stab Complete
05/2/20 - Rudder Completed
03/20/20 - Ordered QB Fuse
02/26/20 - V. Stab Completed
02/07/20 - Reserved N584TA
01/24/20 - Start Vertical Stabilizer
01/16/20 - Building Work Tables
01/02/20 - Ordered Empennage Kit
12/27/19 - Ordered Tools Cleaveland Tools Kit
8/2/19 - Preliminary Schedule Complete
7/5/19 - Working through preliminay schedule
7/1/19 - Planning, researching, etc.
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 Tony's RV-10 Build   Jul-19-2024   
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